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Research and Development

Important Medicines in the service of health are no longer the result of spontaneous discoveries with inadequate means. the vision of an alchemist in dark vaults belongs to the past. Modern medicines are the result of concentrated Research and Development Work. The expert knowledge of chemists, doctors and pharmacists as well as the use of High-quality Laboratory Equipment are necessary in order to make from medicinal plants and their components medicines which conform with pharmacological and clinical tests. During the past three decades, the research team of Kent.

Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy

observe identical specifications, quality standards, and trade practices. The ISO 9001:2000 certificate of quality systems awarded by UKAS, United Kingdom, certifies the establishment and application of the designated quality system for design, manufacture, and marketing of homoeopathic drugs, formulations.

Quality policy

The Quality Control aspect is an essential component in the manufacturing aspect of premium homeopathic preparations. Strict standards are employed from the beginning to the end of the Manufacturing Process.

Right from the choice of raw materials used to the finished preparations, quality control is maintained through well equipped laboratories, with the latest scientific apparatus, employing the most sophisticated equipment for analytical conduct of product's quality. the entire manufacturing process is carried out through state of the Art Machines.

Sales Network

In the ultimate analysis any product is as viableas it's availability.Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy ensures that it's products are available at more than 500Homoeopathic stores throughout Pakistanranging from Karachi to Khyber.