Moalij Magazine

Introduction of Monthly Moalij Homoeopathic Magazine

Moalij, a monthly based magazine was first published in 1984 and its first volume was issued in March 1984. The editor of Moalij, Dr. Mansoor Yousuf, extremely felt that that Homeopathic Doctors usually face such patients and diseases which are chronic and are on a critical stage. In the beginning, patients do not pay much heed to homeopathic treatment but when the disease becomes really painful and crucial then patients begin testing and using homeopathy treatment. That time is extremely difficult for the homeopathic Doctor as his education, expertise and knowledge is then tested.

Due to this worrying factor, Dr. Mansoor Yousuf’s only concern was to collect and publish the expertise and the experiences of homeopathic specialists, in the magazine, Moalij, to pave a way for other specialists and specially guide them in a right way. Apart from Karachi, the specialists of other cities are contacted, creating a process of communication and learn-from-all process. Since the beginning, the purpose of the launch of Moalij was only to promote homeopathic treatment and even today Moalij is published because of this purpose only.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, today, the monthly based Moalij has become the identity of homeopathy. It holds a superior position in publishing facts related to homeopathy. Moalij holds this position due to the involvement and contribution of various homeopathic doctors, who, from all around the country are promoting and sharing their experiences, expertise and knowledge through this magazine’s platform.

With very limited resources, Moalij is being issued regularly since last 23 years and its non-partisan policy is the reason that Moalij is only limited to literature. With solving the problems and issues of homeopathic community, it also provides the readers with latest knowledge.

To bring them together, homeopathic doctors from all around Pakistan, Moalij has not only worked on the field of education but also worked practically.

After a few years of introducing Moalij, the institute felt the need to introduce the homeopathy and its effectiveness to a common man and a permanent program should be introduced in a practical field. Therefore, on the fifth year of publishing, in 1989, an event was organized in Karachi which launched Moalij Evening. On this event, homeopathic believers and researchers participated and showed their likeness and termed it as knowledgeable and important. Due to the overwhelming response by the Homoeopathic community. This event is organized in all the small and big cities of the country till date.

However, 10 years ago, Moalij took a step further and on the occasion of the birthday of founder of homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann, every year in April; it had introduced a tradition of celebrating the birth of Moalij Evening and also Hahnemann day to reward a tribute to the founder of Homoeopathic Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. This day is celebrated by the department of medicine’s experts sharing their knowledge, experience and study of homeopathy with everyone.

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