Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy, founded in 1971, was built upon the fundamental principles of serving humanity through Homoeopathy, with an unwavering dedication that remains its driving force to this day.

Since its establishment, Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy has risen as the unrivaled market leader in Homoeopathy, offering an extensive array of high-quality Homoeopathic medicines to its customers. Its steadfast commitment to strict quality control measures ensures that we deliver nothing less than premium excellence.

Our product range includes Homoeopathic combinations, such as tinctures, single remedy dilutions, and biochemic preparations. With unwavering conviction, Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy remains. committed to provide high quality Homoeopathic medicines to humanity at large.

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Mission & Vision

At Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy, our primary focus as a homoeopathic medicine manufacturer is to ensure the use of quality raw materials as per pharmacopoeial standards and uphold a GMP- compliant environment. We strictly adhere to international regulatory standards throughout the product preparation process and ensure timely delivery to our customers. By utilizing rare and extensively researched ingredients, our medicines are specifically formulated to treat a wide range of diseases, encompassing both chronic and acute cases.

Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy has been actively promoting homoeopathy for several decades, in addition to manufacturing homoeopathic products. We publish a monthly journal titled “Moalij” and regularly host an event called “Moalij Evening,” where doctors participate to provide medical awareness and assistance.

Research & Development

Promoting good health no longer relies on fortuitous discoveries made under inadequate circumstances, as significant advancements in medicine have paved the ways. Homoeopathic medicine has played an important role in promoting good health. Modern medicines are meticulously crafted through concentrated research and developmental efforts, utilizing the collective expertise of chemists, doctors, and pharmacists, along with cutting-edge laboratory equipments. This process ensures the transformation of medicinal plants and their constituents into pharmaceuticals that meet rigorous pharmacological and clinical standards. For the past five decades, the research team at Kent Homoeopathic Pharmacy has been actively and significantly contributing to these endeavors.

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Quality Control & Quality Assurance

The company has independent Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments that monitor the entire manufacturing, packaging & testing process, from the selection of raw materials, finished products to the delivery of high-quality products to the market. Ninety percent of the herbs used are imported from the USA and Europe, while locally available herbs and minerals are also utilized.

Starting from the selection of raw materials, highly qualified, experienced, and trained professionals ensure consistent product quality through chemical and microbiological testing. These tests are conducted in accordance with the pharmacopoeia guidelines and in- house validated methods.

Kent’s Liquid Section

KENT’s products are manufactured under highly controlled environment. Our production process follows a stringent step-by-step manufacturing procedure. Bottles of medicines undergo automatic air blowing, filling, capping and labeling process on production lines before they are packed in unit cartons.


Kent’s Capsules and Tablets Section

KENT’s Capsules and Tablets undergo several approved processing steps during their production to ensure high-quality products for our customers. These steps include weighing the quantity of compounds, mixing them, converting the material into granules, compressed into tablets, coating, filling in capsules, packing, and testing. Throughout the entire process, the Capsules and Tablets undergo continuous testing to maintain the product integrity and quality.

Kent’s Single Remedies

In homoeopathy, a mother tincture is a concentrated herbal extract used as the initial form of a substance in remedies. It is obtained by macerating or soaking a plant or substance in a mixture of alcohol and water. Dilutions, on the other hand, involve reducing the concentration of the mother tincture through sequential dilution and vigorous shaking, known as succussion, to potentize the remedy.

In Kent, these dilutions are prepared using an automatic potentizing machine, ensuring accurate production of both “X” (decimal) and “C” (centesimal) potencies. Our rigorous quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) processes encompass multiple steps, ensuring that each stage adheres to the highest standards. This meticulous approach guarantees the consistency and reliability of our homoeopathic dilutions.


Awards & Achievement

CEO Mr. Mansoor Yousuf Receiving KCCI'S Export Trophy Award from Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani
Director Mr. Adeel Mansoor Receiving Brand of the Year Award from Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani
Director Mr. Moiz Mansoor Receiving KCCI'S Export Trophy Award from Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Director Mr. Adeel Mansoor Receiving 44th Export Trophy Award from President of Pakistan Mr. Arif Alvi